ITI1121 - Introduction to Computing II
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ITI1121. Introduction to Computing II

Object-oriented programming. Abstraction principles: information hiding and encapsulation. Linked lists, stacks, queues, binary search trees. Iterative and recursive processing of data structures. Virtual machines.

Prerequisite: ITI1120; 3 hours of lecture per week; 3 hours of lab per week; 3 credits.


Lecture Notes

The slides for the lectures and other documents have been made available on BrightSpace. A mapping between the pages of the different editions of the textbook can be found here.

Laboratories, Assigments and Examinations

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Instructions for the midterm examination can be found here.

Older versions

You can find previous years slides, sample assignments and exams on professor Turcotte's site.


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Guy-Vincent Jourdan