Historical comments related to the topics of SEG-2106

Here is a list of notes on famous computer scientists, historical developments, standardization, applications etc. classified according to the chapters of the SEG-2106 course.

Section 1: Requirement engineering, structural and behavioral modeling using state machines

Section 2: Languages, grammars, and analyzers

  1. Introduction to languages and compilers
  2. Lexical analysis: formal languages, regular expressions, finite state machines, deterministic and non-deterministic finite automata, transformation from regular expression to DFA, tools for lexical analysis (Lex)
  3. Syntax analysis: parse trees, ambiguity, context-free grammars, LL(1) parsing method, semantic analysis and semantic attributes (this section may or may not be covered), different notations for specifying languages, Chomsky’s hierarchy

Section 3: Concurrency: specification, verification, and implementation

  1. Concurrency: concept of concurrency, sub-program level concurrency, semaphores, monitors, message passing, Java threads
  2. Implementation design

Created: January 2010; last update: December 11,  2012