The JF17K Dataset
JF17K is a dataset extracted and filtered from Freebase by Jianfeng Wen at Beihang University (China). The purpose of creating this dataset is for research on embedding knowledge bases that contain non-binary relations. Please click here to access the dataset directory. The directory contains a document describing the formats of JF17K data. Additional information about the dataset can be found in the paper On the Representation and Embedding of Knowledge Bases Beyond Binary Relations (by J. Wen et al, IJCAI2016). The source code of the proposed m-TransH in the paper can be found at github site here . For any inquiry about the dataset, please contact Jianfeng Wen (wenjf [AT] act [DOT] buaa [DOT] edu [DOT] cn).

Updates on August 11, 2016: We have discovered that JF17K dataset contains significantly many redundant entries. We are in the process cleaning up the dataset and re-running the experiments as presented in the paper. At this time, we advise researchers not to use the dataset until we present a better version. We apologize for the inconvenience we might have caused you.
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