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Graduate Studies

Application Process

  1. Select a program

    I am a member of the following institutes and programs:

    Each program has its own admission requirements.

  2. Select a research topic

  3. Send me

    1. an outline of your research project
      (what you want to do) together with,
    2. a copy of your transcript, and
    3. a cv (including a list of your publications)



I only supervise students in the field of bioinformatics. There is no minimum required knowledge of biology, however, I am expecting enthusiasm for it. Generally, the projects require skills in algorithm design, mathematics and/or statistics. The computing environment consists exclusively of Unix machines. All the technical documents, including the thesis, must be written in LaTeX.

E-mail correspondence

I, as most professors, receive several applications each week for internships, M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. If you do not hear from me, this either because there are no openings or your research interest and/or background do not quite fit my research agenda. If you require a letter of reference from me, please give me a two weeks notice. Consult the FAQ.