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Scheduling an appointment

To schedule an appointment, please send me an E-mail message with the specific times that you are available, it's best to send me alternative days and times as well.

Recommendation letters and references

I'm willing to provide recommendation letters or serve as a reference for students who have taken a class from me. In order to write a detailed letter, I need the following information from:
  • A copy of your transcript;
  • A resume, if you have one;
  • I generally perform a 15 minutes interview to gather additional information;
  • Understand that for writing an effective letter, I need to know you well. Hence, if we never interacted, the letter will be fairly generic;
  • If this is an application for a scholarship or for graduate school admission, then also send me a copy of your "statement of purpose";
Send me the information, as well as the forms, at least two weeks before the letter is needed.

SPAM detection system

Our school uses a SPAM detection system called CanIT Pro. It seems to be particularly sensitive to E-mail messages from hotmail and yahoo accounts, E-mails with no or not meaningful subject description. As a result, your E-mail message may be traped by this system.

Possible workarounds

  • Using your uOttawa E-mail account;
  • Including a meaningful subject line.


I will communicate with you using the E-mail address that I am obtaining via InfoWeb. If you are using a distinct E-mail address than your official uOttawa address then please login into InfoWeb and set up a redirection, otherwise you may be missing important information.