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Thomas Tran, Ph.D.


School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)

Faculty of Engineering, University of Ottawa

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Past and present graduate students:
Name Program Title of Thesis or Project Status Note
Richong Zhang PhD (2006 - 2011) Probabilistic Approaches to Consumer-Generated Review Recommendation Completed
Abdulsalam Yassine PhD (2005 - 2010) An Agent-Based Architecture and Framework for Privacy Payoff and Protection in E-Commerce Completed Co-supervised with Prof. Shirmohammadi
Chen Chen MCS (2014 - 2016) BRICK: The Content-based Image Retrieval System Applied with K-NN Algorithm Completed
Naseem Hamoud MSc (2012 - 2016) The Impact of Social Networks on Consumer Trust in Small E-Businesses Completed
Basmah Almoaber MSc (2011 - 2015) Bootstrapping Trust Evaluation Using a Trust Certificate Model Completed
Haifa Alharthi MCS (2012 - 2014) The Use of Item Personality Profiles in Recommender Systems Completed
Marita Aningwu MEBT (2012 - 2013) Cloud Computing Service Delivery Management Completed
Raza Ul-Haq MCS (2009 - 2013) A Hybrid Recommender System Approach towards User Satisfaction Completed
Manar Alghanmi MEBT (2011 - 2013) The Adoption of E-Business Solutions in Saudi Arabia's Small and Medium Enterprises Completed
Nabil Imani MEBT (2011 - 2013) Technical Communication Gap between Managers and Engineers Completed
Shuo Wu MCS (2010 - 2012) A Time Preference Approach to Trust Modeling for Agents in Mobile Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks Completed
Ashraf Jallad MCS (2009 - 2012) Windows Azure Application Auto-scaling Agent Completed
Catherine Cormier MSc (2007 - 2011) Seniority as a Metric in Reputation Systems for E-Commerce Completed
Kevin Li MCS (2007 - 2010) Group Recommender System Framework Completed
Tapu Kumar Ghose MCS (2006 - 2010) Dynamic Pricing in E-Commerce Using Neural Network Completed
Hong Chen MSc (2006 - 2009) Modelling Information Quality in Agent-Based E-Commerce Systems Completed
Zhiyong Weng MCS (2005 - 2007) A Framework for Mobile E-Commerce Based on Intelligent Agents Completed
Bo Zhan MCS (2005 - 2007) An Integrated Quality Assurance Framework for Enterprise Performance Management Systems Completed Co-supervised with Prof. Peyton
Hao Liu MCS (2004 - 2006) Model Based Enterprise Processes in a Server Oriented Architecture Completed Co-supervised with Prof. Peyton
Alireza Pourshahid MSc (2006 - 2008) A Visualization Approach for Modeling Trust in E-Commerce Completed RA for my ORNEC-IDT project in 2006
Abdullah Aref PhD (2012 - ) Trustworthiness Estimation and Establishment Models for Multi-Agent Systems In progress
Ala'a Slaity PhD (2015 - ) TBD In progress
Haoxian Feng MASc (2015 - ) TBD In progress
Tosin Agagu MCS (2015 - ) TBD In progress

Home Biography Teaching Publications Graduate Supervision Professional Activities

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