Faculty of Engineering

SEG 2105 Labs and Assignments (subject to change)

For all of these assignments, see the official syllabus for master deadline dates and lab times. Note that these instructions and the dates are subject to change; any changes will be announced to students by email and/or on the course home page. Such announcements supercede anything shown in the syllabus.

Note: Answers to these questions will not, generally, be posted on the web in any form. This is necessary since students in other universities are also doing these exercises. The answers will, however, be discussed in detail by your lab TA, when the assignments are handed back.

Handing in assignments: Assignments will be handed in through the Blackboard system. A link to that will be on the course home page. The TAs will deduct 10% for late assignments, plus 0.5% extra for every hour they are late, and will refuse to accept any that are handed in after the answers have been discussed in class.

Marking method and discussion of results: Your lab TA will mark the assignments and hand them back in the lab period. If you have complaints about the marking, please first discuss the problem with the TA who marked it. Only come to the professor once the TA has told you he is not going to make any further changes and has put this in writing in an email.

Rules on cheating and working together: The individual assignments must be done strictly on your own; you may only ask the TA for help. The group assignments must be done only with your partner and you must both share the design, programming and writing work. Any sharing or copying of any part of your work with others will result in an immediate 5% penalty on your final course grade as well as zero on the assignment. TAs will be instructed to immediately report any cheating to the professor. As an additional disincentive to cheating, midterm and exam questions will relate to the labs and assignments.

Click on the following links for lab and assignment instructions. More links will become available as the course progresses.