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E.1 Tabular Notation for Sequence Diagrams

   This section describes an optional tabular notation for sequence diagrams. The table row descriptions for this notation follow:

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7. Generated instance name: An identifier name that is given to each instance symbol in the sequence/communication
diagram. The identifier name is unique in each document.

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Figure E.1 -Sequence diagram enhanced with identification of the Event occurrences

   Table E.1 - Interaction Table describing Figure E-1

Lifeline Class

Lifeline Inst


Message Sending Class

Message Sending Instance

Diag ID

C N.sq
B C N.sq
A Ref (M.sq) N.sq
B Ref (M.sq) N.sq
C _(M.sq) N.sq
C alt [1]x==5 N.sq
B alt[1] x==5 B N.sq
C alt[2] x==o N.sq

Figure E.2 - Sequence diagram with guards, parallel composition and alternatives

   Table E.2 - Interaction Table for Figure E-2