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C.2 StandardProfileL3



Applies to


«buildComponent» Components:: BasicComponents Component A collection of elements defined for the purpose of system level decelopment activities, such as compilation and versioning.
«metamodel» AuxilliaryConstructs:: Models Model Issue 8610 clarify explanation A model that specifies the modeling concepts of some modeling language (e.g., a MOF model). See <<metaclass>>.
«systemModel» AuxilliaryConstructs:: Models Model Issue 8610 capitalization of ‘systemModel’ A SystemModel is a stereotyped model that contains a collection of models of the same physical system. A systemModel also contains all relationships and constraints between model elements contained in different models.

   Changes from previous UML

   The following table lists predefined standard elements for UML 1.x that are now obsolete.

Standard Element Name

Applies to Base Element

«access» Permission
«appliedProfile» Package
«association» AssociationEnd
«copy» Flow
«create» CallEvent
«create» Usage
«destroy» CallEvent
«facade» Package
«friend» Permission
«invariant» Constraint
«local» AssociationEnd
«parameter» AssociationEnd
«postcondition» Constraint
«powertype» Class
«precondition» Constraint
«profile» Package
«realize» Abstraction
«requirement» Comment

«self» AssociationEnd
«signalflow» ObjectFlow State
«stateInvariant» Constraint
«stub» Package
«table» Artifact
«thread» Classifier
«topLevel» Package