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9.3.9 InvocationAction




    InvocationAction (from BasicActions ) on page 267 (merge increment)


   In addition to targeting an object, invocation actions can also invoke behavioral features on ports from where the invocation requests are routed onwards on links deriving from attached connectors. Invocation actions may also be sent to a target via a given port, either on the sending object or on another object.


   • onPort: Port [0..1] An optional port of the receiver object on which the behavioral feature is invoked.


   [1] The onPort must be a port on the receiver object.


   The target value of an invocation action may also be a port. In this case, the invocation request is sent to the object owning this port as identified by the port identity, and is, upon arrival, handled as described in Port on page 186.


Issue 8116 - remove reference to non-existent example

   The optional port is identified by the phrase via <port> in the name string of the icon denoting the particular invocation action.