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9.3.2 Classifier




    7.3.8, Classifier (from Kernel , Dependencies , PowerTypes ), on page 51


   Classifier is extended with the capability to own collaboration uses. These collaboration uses link a collaboration with the classifier to give a description of the workings of the classifier.


   • collaborationUse: CollaborationUse References the collaboration uses owned by the classifier. (Subsets Element::ownedElement)

Issue 8456 -change ‘occurrence’ to ‘collaborationUse’

   • representation: CollaborationUse [0..1] References a collaboration use which indicates the collaboration that represents this classifier. (Subsets Classifier::collaborationUse)


   A classifier can own collaboration uses that relate (aspects of) this classifier to a collaboration. The collaboration describes those aspects of this classifier.

   One of the collaboration uses owned by a classifier may be singled out as representing the behavior of the classifier as a whole. The collaboration that is related to the classifier by this collaboration use shows how the instances corresponding to the structural features of this classifier (e.g., its attributes and parts) interact to generate the overall behavior of the classifier. The representing collaboration may be used to provide a description of the behavior of the classifier at a different level of abstraction than is offered by the internal structure of the classifier. The properties of the classifier are mapped to roles in the collaboration by the role bindings of the collaboration use.


   See CollaborationUse (from Collaborations ) on page 178

*Changes from previous UML

Issue 8109 -Fix typo.

   Replaces and widens the applicability of Collaboration.usedCollaboration. Together with the newly introduced internal structure concept replaces Collaboration.representedClassifier.