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9.2 Abstract syntax

    Figure 9.1 shows the dependencies of the CompositeStructures packages.

Figure 9.1 - Dependencies between packages described in this chapter

   Package InternalStructures

   Issue 8107 - Replace diagram with TypeElement as the superclass of ConnectableElement (the updated diagram corresponding to FTF issue 7240 was not included for some reason. 8457 - make Property a subclass of StructuralFeature

Figure 9.2 - Structured classifier

Figure 9.3 - Connectors

   Package Ports

Issue 9187 -make ‘ownedPort’ derived and change subsets constraint

Figure 9.4 - The Port metaclass

   Package StructuredClasses

Figure 9.5 - Classes with internal structure

   Package Collaborations

Figure 9.6 - Collaboration

Issue 8456 -change ‘occurrence’ to ‘collaborationUse’

Figure 9.7 - Collaboration.use and role binding

   Package InvocationActions

   Figure 9.8 - Actions specific to composite structures

   Package StructuredActivities

Figure 9.9 - Extension to Variable