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8.2 Abstract syntax


   <<merge> >

Figure 8.1 shows the dependencies of the Component packages.


   Figure 8.1 - Dependencies between packages described in this chapter (transitive dependencies to Kernel and Interfaces packages are not shown).

   Package BasicComponents

   Issue 8457 - make Component a kind of NamedElement to allow ‘clientDependency ’ 9109 - make ‘realization’ non-derived 9119 - replace ‘Realization’ with ‘ComponentRealization ’ 9192 - remove subsets of ‘source’ and target’

Figure 8.2 - The metaclasses that define the basic Component construct

Figure 8.3 - The metaclasses that define the component wiring constructs

   Package PackagingComponents

Issue 9088 -replace ‘ownedMember’ with ‘packagedElement’ and change constraint

   Figure 8.4 - The packaging capabilities of Components