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18.3.1 Class




   InfrastructureLibrary::Constructs::Class (merge increment)


   Class has derived association that indicates how it may be extended through one or more stereotypes. Stereotype is the only kind of metaclass that cannot be extended by stereotypes.


   No additional attributes

Associations • / extension: Extension [*] References the Extensions that specify additional properties of the metaclass. The property is derived from the extensions whose memberEnds are typed by the Class.
Constraints No additional constraints
Semantics No additional semantics
Notation No additional notation
Presentation Options

   A Class that is extended by a Stereotype may be extended by the optional stereotype «metaclass» (see Annex C., Standard Stereotype s) shown above or before its name.


    In Figure 18.3, an example is given where it is made explicit that the extended class Interface is in fact a metaclass (from a reference metamodel).

   Figure 18.3 - Showing that the extended class is a metaclass

   Changes from previous UML

   A link typed by UML 1.4 ModelElement::stereotype is mapped to a link that is typed by Class::extension.