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17.5.5 TemplateParameterSubstitution


   A template parameter substitution relates the actual parameter(s) to a formal template parameter as part of a template binding.



    Element (from Kernel ) on page 63


   TemplateParameterSubstitution associates one or more actual parameters with a formal template parameter within the context of a TemplateBinding.


   No additional attributes


   • actual : ParameterableElement[1..*] The elements that are the actual parameters for this substitution.

Issue 8516 - rename ‘binding’ to ‘templateBinding’

   • ownedActual : ParameterableElement[0..*] The actual parameters that are owned by this substitution. Subsets Element::ownedElement and actual.


   [1] The actual parameter must be compatible with the formal template parameter (e.g., the actual parameter for a class template parameter must be a class).

   actual->forAll(a | a.isCompatibleWith(formal.parameteredElement))


   A TemplateParameterSubstitution specifies the set of actual parameters to be substituted for a formal template parameter within the context of a template binding.


   See TemplateBinding.


   See TemplateBinding.