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17.4.1 Boolean

PrimitiveType s

Issue 8509 - capitalize ‘boolean’

   A Boolean type is used for logical expression, consisting of the predefined values true and false.




   Boolean is an instance of PrimitiveType . In the metamodel, Boolean defines an enumeration that denotes a logical condition. Its enumeration literals are:


   true - The Boolean condition is satisfied.


   false - The Boolean condition is not satisfied.

Issue 8509 -capitalize ‘boolean’

   It is used for Boolean attribute and Boolean expressions in the metamodel, such as OCL expression.


   No additional attributes


   No additional associations


   No additional constraints


   Boolean is an instance of PrimitiveType .


   Boolean will appear as the type of attributes in the metamodel. Boolean instances will be values associated to slots, and can have literally the following values: true or false.


Issue 8509 -capitalize ‘boolean’

   Figure 17.12 -An example of a Boolean attribute