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17.2 InformationFlows

   The InformationFlows package provides mechanisms for specifying the exchange of information between entities of a system at a high level of abstraction. Information flows describe circulation of information in a system in a general manner. They do not specify the nature of the information (type, initial value), nor the mechanisms by which this information is conveyed (message passing, signal, common data store, parameter of operation, etc.). They also do not specify sequences or any control conditions. It is intended that, while modeling in detail, representation and realization links will be able to specify which model element implements the specified information flow, and how the information will be conveyed.

   The contents of the InformationFlows package is shown in Figure 17.2. The InformationFlows package is one of the packages of the AuxiliaryConstructs package.

Figure 17.2 - The contents of the InformationFlows package