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16.3.2 Classifier



   • Classifier (from Kernel , Dependencies , PowerTypes ) on page 51 (merge increment)


   Extends a classifier with the capability to own use cases. Although the owning classifier typically represents the subject to which the owned use cases apply, this is not necessarily the case. In principle, the same use case can be applied to multiple subjects, as identified by the subject association role of a UseCase (see UseCase (from UseCases ) on page 620 ).


   No additional attributes


   • ownedUseCase: UseCase[*] References the use cases owned by this classifier. (Subsets Namespace .ownedMember)

   • useCase : UseCase [*] The set of use cases for which this Classifier is the subject.


   No additional constraints


   See UseCase (from UseCases ) on page 620.


   The nesting (owning) of a use case by a classifier is represented using the standard notation for nested classifiers.



   This extension to the Classifier concept was added to allow classifiers in general to own use cases.

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