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15.3.5 ProtocolConformance



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   Protocol state machines can be redefined into more specific protocol state machines, or into behavioral state machines. Protocol conformance declares that the specific protocol state machine specifies a protocol that conforms to the general state machine one, or that the specific behavioral state machine abides by the protocol of the general protocol state machine.

   A protocol state machine is owned by a classifier. The classifiers owning a general state machine and an associated specific state machine are generally also connected by a generalization or a realization link.


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   Protocol conformance means that every rule and constraint specified for the general protocol state machine (state invariants, pre- and post-conditions for the operations referred by the protocol state machine) apply to the specific protocol or behavioral state machine.

   In most cases there are relationships between the classifier being the context of the specific state machine and the classifier being the context of the general protocol state machine. Generally, the former specializes or realizes the latter. It is also possible that the specific state machine is a behavioral state machine that implements the general protocol state machine, both state machines having the same class as a context.