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13.3.30 TimeObservation




    Observation (from SimpleTime ) on page 463


   An time observation is a reference to a time instant during an execution. It points out the element in the model to observe and whether the observation is when this model element is entered or when it is exited.


   • firstEvent:Boolean The value of firstEvent is related to event. If firstEvent is true, then the corresponding observation event is the first time instant the execution enters event. If firstEvent is false, then the corresponding observation event is the time instant the execution exits event.


   • event:NamedElement [1] The observation is determined by the entering or exiting of the event element during execution.


   No additional constraints


   A TimeObservation denotes an instant in time.


   A time observation is often denoted by a straight line attached to a model element. The observation is given a name which is shown close to the unattached end of the line

   Changes from previous UML

   This metaclass has been added.