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12.3.50 ValuePin

Issue 8275 - add reference to ValuePin in Actions

   A value pin is an input pin that provides a value to an action that does not come from an incoming object flow edge. See ValuePin (from BasicActions ) on page 301.


   No additional attributes


   No additional associations


   [1] Value pins have no incoming edges.


Issue 8275 - delete ‘these’

   ValuePins provide values to their actions, but only when the actions are otherwise enabled. If an action has no incoming edges or other way to start execution, a value pin will not start the execution by itself or collect tokens waiting for execution to start. When the action is enabled by other means, the value specification of the value pin is evaluated and the result provided as input to the action, which begins execution. This is an exception to the normal token flow semantics of activities.


   A value pin is notated as an input pin with the value specification written beside it.

   V aluePin is introduced to reduce the size of activity models that use constant values. See ValueSpecification Action (from IntermediateActions ) on page 301.

*Changes from UML 1.5

   ValuePin replaces LiteralValueAction from UML 1.5.