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11.3.8 CallAction




    InvocationAction (from BasicActions ) on page 267.


   CallAction is an abstract class for actions that invoke behavior and receive return values.


Issue 8152 -add default value

• isSynchronous: Boolean = true If true, the call is synchronous and the caller waits for completion of the invoked behavior. If false, the call is asynchronous and the caller proceeds immediately and does not expect a return value.


Issue 8152 -add subsets constraint

result: OutputPin [0..*] A list of output pins where the results of performing the invocation are placed. {Subsets Action::input}


   [1] Only synchronous call actions can have result pins.

   [2] The number and order of argument pins must be the same as the number and order of parameters of the invoked behavior or behavioral feature. Pins are matched to parameters by order.

   [3] The type, ordering, and multiplicity of an argument pin must be the same as the corresponding parameter of the behavior or behavioral feature.


   Parameters on behaviors and operations are totally ordered lists. To match parameters to pins on call actions, select the sublist of that list that corresponds to in and inout owned parameters (i.e., Behavior.ownedParameter). The input pins on Action::input are matched in order against these parameters in the sublist order. Then take the sublist of the parameter list that corresponds to out, inout, and return parameters. The output pins on Action::output are matched in order against these parameters in sublist order.

   See children of CallAction.