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11.3.3 Action




    NamedElement (from Kernel , Dependencies ) on page 99


   An action is a named element that is the fundamental unit of executable functionality. The execution of an action represents some transformation or processing in the modeled system, be it a computer system or otherwise.


   No additional attributes


Issue 8147 - add specializes constraints and multiplicity on ‘context’


   No additional constraints


   An action execution represents the run-time behavior of executing an action within a specific behavior execution. As Action is an abstract class, all action executions will be executions of specific kinds of actions. When the action executes, and what its actual inputs are, is determined by the concrete action and the behaviors in which it is used.


   No specific notation. See extensions in Activities chapter.

*Changes from previous UML

   Action is the same concept as in UML 1.5, but modeled independently of the behaviors that use it.