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10.3.4 Deployment

ComponentDeployments , Nodes

   Package Nodes

   A deployment is the allocation of an artifact or artifact instance to a deployment target.

   Package ComponentDeployments

   A component deployment is the deployment of one or more artifacts or artifact instances to a deployment target, optionally parameterized by a deployment specification. Examples are executables and configuration files.



    Dependency (from Dependencies ) on page 61


   In the metamodel, Deployment is a subtype of Dependency .


   No additional attributes


   Package Nodes

   • deployedArtifact : Artifact [*] The Artifacts that are deployed onto a Node. This association specializes the supplier association.

Issue 8135 - replace ‘Node with ‘DeploymentTarget

   • location : DeploymentTarger [1]The DeploymentTarget that is the target of a Deployment. This association specializes the client association.

   Package ComponentDeployments

   • configuration : DeploymentSpecification [*] The specification of properties that parameterize the deployment and execution of one or more Artifacts . This association is specialized from the ownedMember association.


   No additional constraints


   The deployment relationship between a DeployedArtifact and a DeploymentTarget can be defined at the type level and at the instance level. For example, a ‘type level’ deployment relationship can be defined between an application server Node and an order entry request handler executable Artifact. At the ‘instance level’ 3 specific instances appserver1 ... app-server3 may be the deployment target for six request handler* instances. Finally, for modeling complex deployment target models consisting of nodes with a composite structure defined through ‘parts,’ a Property (that functions as a part) may also be the target of a deployment.


   Deployment diagrams show the allocation of Artifacts to Nodes according to the Deployments defined between them.

Figure 10.8 - A visual representation of the deployment location of artifacts (including a dependency between the artifacts).

   An alternative notation to containing the deployed artifacts within a deployment target symbol is to use a dependency labeled «deploy» that is drawn from the artifact to the deployment target.



   Figure 10.9 - Alternative deployment representation of using a dependency called «deploy»

Figure 10.10 - Textual list based representation of the deployment location of artifacts

*Changes from previous UML

   The following changes from UML 1.x have been made — an association to DeploymentSpecification has been added.