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10.3.11 Node


   A node is computational resource upon which artifacts may be deployed for execution.

   Nodes can be interconnected through communication paths to define network structures.



   In the metamodel, a Node is a subclass of Class. It is associated with a Deployment of an Artifact. It is also associated with a set of Elements that are deployed on it. This is a derived association in that these PackageableElement s are involved in a Manifestation of an Artifact that is deployed on the Node. Nodes may have an internal structure defined in terms of parts and connectors associated with them for advanced modeling applications.


   No additional attributes


   Nodes Package

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   • nestedNode : Node [*] The Nodes that are defined (nested) within the Node. {Subsets Namespace ::ownedMember}.


   [1] The internal structure of a Node (if defined) consists solely of parts of type Node.


   Nodes can be connected to represent a network topology by using communication paths. Communication paths can be defined between nodes such as application server and client workstation to define the possible communication paths between nodes. Specific network topologies can then be defined through links between node instances.

   Hierarchical nodes (i.e., nodes within nodes) can be modeled using composition associations, or by defining an internal structure for advanced modeling applications.

   Non-normative examples of nodes are «application server», «client workstation», «mobile device», «embedded device».


   A node is shown as a figure that looks like a 3-dimensional view of a cube.

   Figure 10.16 - An instance of a Node

   Dashed arrows with the keyword «deploy» show the capability of a node type to support a component type. Alternatively, this may be shown by nesting component symbols inside the node symbol.

   Nodes may be connected by associations to other nodes. A link between node instances indicates a communication path between the nodes.



   «deploy »

   «deploy »



   Figure 10.17 - Communication path between two Node types with deployed Artifacts

   Artifacts may be contained within node instance symbols. This indicates that the items are deployed on the node instances.

   Figure 10.18 - A set of deployed component artifacts on a Node

*Changes from previous UML

   The following changes from UML 1.x have been made: to be written.