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OrganizationUnit comparison table
Subject have relatedInternalConcept be third domain of documentation be second domain of be first domain of have axiom
Organization occupiesPositionAn Organization is a corporate or similar institution, distinguished from other Agents. The members of an Organization typically have a common purpose or function. Note that parts of Organizations should not be included here, unless they are subOrganizations of an OrganizationsubOrganizationssubOrganizations
(instance ?ACT OccupationalProcess)
(exists (?ORG ?EMP)
(instance ?ORG Organization)
(employs ?ORG ?EMP)
(agent ?ACT ?EMP))))
PositionoccupiesPositionrepresentsForAgentA formal position of reponsibility within an Organization. Examples of Positions include president, laboratory director, senior researcher, sales representative, etcoccupiesPositionoccupiesPosition
(instance ?PROC IntentionalProcess)
(exists (?AGENT)
(instance ?AGENT CognitiveAgent)
(agent ?PROC ?AGENT))))

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