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Nation comparison table
Subject have relatedInternalConcept documentation is a kind of be second domain of have axiom
Agent Something or someone that can act on its own and produce changes in the worldObjectuses
(instance ?GIVE Giving)
(agent ?GIVE ?AGENT1)
(destination ?GIVE ?AGENT2)
(instance ?AGENT2 Agent)
(patient ?GIVE ?OBJ))
(holdsDuring (ImmediatePastFn (WhenFn ?GIVE)) (possesses ?AGENT1 ?OBJ))
(holdsDuring (ImmediateFutureFn (WhenFn ?GIVE)) (possesses ?AGENT2 ?OBJ))))
NationLandThat aspect of a Nation which can act automonously and which is the same throughout the changes in population and borders. Compare the Class LandAgentcitizen
(instance ?NATION Nation)
(exists (?GOV)
(instance ?GOV Government)
(subOrganizations ?GOV ?NATION))))

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