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NanoAmpere comparison table
Subject documentation have axiom is a kind of is an instance of
ElectricCurrentMeasureA FunctionQuantity is a Function that maps from one or more instances of ConstantQuantity to another instance of ConstantQuantity. For example, the velocity of a particle would be represented by a FunctionQuantity mapping values of time (which are ConstantQuantities) to values of distance (also ConstantQuantities). Note that all instances of FunctionQuantity are Functions with a fixed arity. Note too that all elements of the range of a FunctionQuantity have the same physical dimension as the FunctionQuantity itself
(instance ?ABS Abstract)
(exists (?POINT)
(located ?ABS ?POINT)
(existant ?ABS ?POINT)))))
NanoAmpereSubmultiple of Ampere. Symbol: nA. A unit of electrical current equal to one billionth of an Ampere
(MeasureFn ?NUMBER NanoAmpere)
(MeasureFn (MultiplicationFn ?NUMBER 1.0E-9) Ampere))

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