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Kilogram comparison table
Subject is an instance of documentation is a kind of be second domain of be first domain of have axiom
MassMeasure The Class of ConstantQuantities relating to the amount of matter in an ObjectConstantQuantitymeasureDensityFn
(instance ?FUNCTION UnaryConstantFunctionQuantity)
(domain ?FUNCTION 1 ConstantQuantity)
(range ?FUNCTION ConstantQuantity)))
SystemeInternationalUnit The Class of Systeme International (SI) unitsUnitOfMeasureMeasureFnSubtractionFn
(instance ?REL RelationExtendedToQuantities)
(instance ?REL BinaryRelation)
(instance ?NUMBER1 RealNumber)
(instance ?NUMBER2 RealNumber)
(holds ?REL ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2))
(forall (?UNIT)
(instance ?UNIT UnitOfMeasure)
(holds ?REL (MeasureFn ?NUMBER1 ?UNIT) (MeasureFn ?NUMBER2 ?UNIT)))))
KilogramSystemeInternationalUnitSI MassMeasure. Symbol: kg. It is one of the base units in SI (it is also the basic unit of mass in the MKS system), and it is equal to the mass of the international prototype of the Kilogram MeasureFnDensityFn
(MeasureFn ?NUMBER Kilogram)
(MeasureFn (MultiplicationFn ?NUMBER 1000) Gram))

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