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ElectricChargeMeasure comparison table
Subject have domain1 partition into be first domain of have range be second domain of documentation have axiom be third domain of be disjoint from is an instance of
CoulombFnSecondDurationConstantQuantity, FunctionQuantitySubtractionFnAmpereMeasureFnSI ElectricChargeMeasure. Symbol: C. It is the quantity of electric charge transported through a cross section of a conductor in an electric circuit during each SecondDuration by a current of 1 Ampere. Coulomb = s*A
(instance ?REL RelationExtendedToQuantities)
(instance ?REL BinaryRelation)
(instance ?NUMBER1 RealNumber)
(instance ?NUMBER2 RealNumber)
(holds ?REL ?NUMBER1 ?NUMBER2))
(forall (?UNIT)
(instance ?UNIT UnitOfMeasure)
(holds ?REL (MeasureFn ?NUMBER1 ?UNIT) (MeasureFn ?NUMBER2 ?UNIT)))))

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