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squirrel comparison table
Subject have picture is a kind of have scientific name have Family name
rodent mammal  
squirrel rodent Family Sciuridae
American red squirrelsquirrelTamiasciurus hudsonicusFamily Sciuridae
arctic ground squirrel squirrelSpermophilus parryiiFamily Sciuridae
black-tailed prairie dogsquirrelCynomys ludovicianusFamily Sciuridae
Columbian ground squirrel squirrelSpermophilus columbianusFamily Sciuridae
Douglas's squirrel squirrelTamiasciurus douglasiiFamily Sciuridae
eastern chipmunksquirrelTamias stiatusFamily Sciuridae
fox squirrel squirrelSciurus nigerFamily Sciuridae
Franklin's ground squirrel squirrelMyotis thysanodesFamily Sciuridae
golden-mantled ground squirrel squirrelSpermophilus lateralisFamily Sciuridae
grey squirrel squirrelSciurus carolinensisFamily Sciuridae
groundhog squirrelMarmota monaxFamily Sciuridae
hoary marmot squirrelMarmota caligataFamily Sciuridae
least chipmunk squirrelEutamias minimusFamily Sciuridae
northern flying squirrelsquirrelGlaucomys sabrinusFamily Sciuridae
red-tailed chipmunk squirrelEutamias ruficaudusFamily Sciuridae
Richardson's ground squirrel squirrelSpermophilus richardsoniiFamily Sciuridae
southern flying squirrel squirrelGlaucomys volansFamily Sciuridae
thirteen-lined ground squirrel squirrelSpermophilus tridecemlineatusFamily Sciuridae
Townsend's chipmunk squirrelEutamias townsendiiFamily Sciuridae
Vancouver Island marmot squirrelMarmota vancouverensisFamily Sciuridae
yellow pine chipmunk squirrelEutamias amoenusFamily Sciuridae
yellow-bellied marmot squirrelMarmota flaviventrisFamily Sciuridae

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