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smooth-faced bat comparison table
Subject roost in be have Family name have scientific name have wingspan has part weigh is a kind of
bat   Order Chiroptera wings made of folds of skin stretched between elongated finger bones, the sides of the body, the hind limbs, and the tail mammal
smooth-faced bat  Family VespertilionidaiOrder Chiroptera   bat
big brown bat  Family VespertilionidaiEptesicus fuscus   smooth-faced bat
California bat  Family VespertilionidaiMyotis californicus   smooth-faced bat
eastern pippistrelle  Family VespertilionidaiPipistrellus subflabus   smooth-faced bat
evening bat  Family VespertilionidaiNycticeius humeralis   smooth-faced bat
fringed bat  Family VespertilionidaiSciurus niger   smooth-faced bat
hoary battrees Family VespertilionidaiLasiurus cinereus40 cm 30 gsmooth-faced bat
Keen's bat  Family VespertilionidaiMyotis keenii   smooth-faced bat
little brown batbuildings Family VespertilionidaiMyotis lucifugus22 cm 8 gsmooth-faced bat
long-eared bat  Family VespertilionidaiMyotis evotis   smooth-faced bat
long-legged bat  Family VespertilionidaiMyotis volans   smooth-faced bat
pallid bat  Family VespertilionidaiAntrozous pallidus   smooth-faced bat
red bat  Family VespertilionidaiLasiurus borealis   smooth-faced bat
silver-haired bat  Family VespertilionidaiLasionycteris noctivagans   smooth-faced bat
small-footed bat the smallest Canadian batFamily VespertilionidaiMyotis leibii  5 gsmooth-faced bat
Townsend's big-eared bat  Family VespertilionidaiPlecotus townsendii   smooth-faced bat
Yuma bat  Family VespertilionidaiMyotis yumamensis   smooth-faced bat

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