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rodent comparison table
Subject be have Order name is a kind of have scientific name swim weigh eat slap have length build has part use have colour have picture eat by have Family name
mammal  kbTop             
rodent Order Rodentiamammal             
beaverthe largest rodent in North AmericaOrder RodentiarodentCastor canadensisup to 7 km an hour16 to 32kgtree bark, grasses, herbs, leaves of woody plants, fruits, and aquatic plantswater with its tail if it senses dangerup to 1.3 m including its 30 cm long taildamwebbed hind feetits tail as a rudder when swimmingbrownwolf, coyote, bear, lynx, river otter, and wolverineFamily Castoridae
coypu Order RodentiarodentMyocastor coypus            
jumping mouse or jerboa Order Rodentiarodent             
mountain beaver Order RodentiarodentAplodontia rufa           Family Aplodontidae
pocket gopher Order Rodentiarodent             
pocket mouse or kangaroo rat Order Rodentiarodent             
porcupine Order RodentiarodentErethison dorsatum          Family Erethizonditae
rat, mouse or vole Order Rodentiarodent            Family Muridae
squirrel Order Rodentiarodent            Family Sciuridae

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