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mammal comparison table
Subject use rest eat have Order name catch have average number of babies suckle have scientific name has part give birth to is a kind of have good eyesight be carnivorous or omnivorous be nocturnal hibernate
mammal    rabies     kbTop    
baby mammal    rabies     mammal    
batecholocation to find preyupside downinsects rabies  Order Chiropterawings made of folds of skin stretched between elongated finger bones, the sides of the body, the hind limbs, and the tail mammal    
carnivore   Order Carnivorarabies     mammal    
cloven-hoofed mammal   Order Artiodactylarabies     mammal    
female mammal    rabies babies  live babiesmammal    
insectivore   Order Insectivorarabies     mammal    
male mammal    rabies     mammal    
marsupial   Order Marsupialarabies     mammal    
pika, hare or rabbit   Order Lagomorpharabies     mammal    
primate   Order Primatesrabies     mammal    
rodent   Order Rodentiarabies     mammal    
seal, sealion or walrus   Order Pinnipediarabies     mammal    
whale, dolphin or porpoise   Order Cetacearabies     mammal    

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