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carnivore comparison table
Subject have population density be have Order name is a kind of live in have distribution have scientific name be carnivorous introduce in become dormant in have name in French have picture have habitat tame eat by have Family name be very intelligent
mammal   kbTop             
carnivore  Order Carnivoramammal             
bear  Order Carnivoracarnivore           Family Ursidae 
cat  Order Carnivoracarnivore           Family Felidae 
dog carnivorousOrder Carnivoracarnivore           Family Canidae 
raccoon4 raccoons per square km Order Carnivoracarnivoreden in hollow tree, cave, hollow log, stump, burrow, culvert, drain pipe, barrelmuch of southern Canada except NewfoundlandProcyon lotor Prince Edward Islandsevere winter weather in northern areasraton laveurforested areas near water bobcat, red fox, coyote, great horned owlFamily Procyonidae 
weasel  Order Carnivoracarnivore           Family Mustelidae 

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