Here is a recipe for home-made ice cream for which you only need 24 hours, a beater, three bowls, a plastic container with a lid, and a freezer compartment in a fridge.

2 large eggs
120 g (½ cup) fine sugar
300 ml (1¼ cup) whipping cream
1 tablespoon of warm boiled water

Beat the egg whites, add half the sugar and beat again until stiff. In another bowl beat the yolks with water, add the remaining sugar and beat until white. In the third bowl, beat the cream. Mix the contents delicately with a spatula, pour into a plastic container, close it and put in the freezer. The ice cream is ready after 24 hours.

You can add any flavouring you like, so long as it does not freeze into small pieces of ice, for example grated chocolate, instant coffee, ground nuts or thoroughly mashed fruit.