* Star indicates I was the co-supervisor.

Name Degree Thesis Title (Research field, for postdocs) Year thesis published
(year finished, for postdocs)
Ayşe Rumeysa MohammedPh.D.Towards Automating IP-Network Operations with Machine Learning from Raw Network Data2023
Peyman SalehM.C.S.An ML-based Method for Efficient Network Utilization in Online Gaming using 5G Network Slicing2023
Sa’di AltamimiPh.D.Automating Network Operation Centers Using Reinforcement Learning2023
Jana Rusrus *M.A.Sc.Moving Sound Sources Direction of Arrival Estimation using Different Deep Learning Schemes2023
Mohammad Hadi Amiri *M.A.Sc.Uncertainty Quantification in Neural-Network Based Classification Models2023
Xinjue HuPh.D.Light Field Video Processing and Streaming Using Applied AI2022
Hossein Raeis *M.A.Sc.Human Activity Recognition based on Device-Free Sensors2022
Alaa Eddin AlchalabiPh.D.Reinforcement Learning Based Fair Edge-User Allocation for Delay-Sensitive Edge Computing Applications2021
Shady A. MohammedPh.D.Artificial Intelligence in Computer Networks: Delay Estimation, Fault Mitigation, and Network Automation2021
Basel AltamimiM.A.Sc.Towards Superintelligence-Driven Autonomous Network Operation Centers2021
Hossein Ebrahimi DinakiPh.D.Applied AI for QoE-Aware Video Service and Network Management2021
Maryam AmiriPh.D.Towards Enhancing QoE for Software Defined Networks Based Cloud Gaming Services2019
Bahareh TajiPh.D.Signal Quality Assessment in Wearable ECG Devices2019
Sa'di AltamimiM.A.Sc.QoE-Fair Video Streaming over DASH Using Reinforcement Learning2018Ph.D. with me
Parvaneh PouladzadehM.A.Sc.Design and Implementation of Multithreaded Video View Synthesis for the Cloud2017
Kiana Calagary *Ph.D.Generating and Streaming Immersive Sports Video Content2017
Hamed HamzeiM.S.Bandwidth Allocation with Fairness in Multimedia Networks2017
Nahid NasiriM.S.Teaching Children with Speech Disorders and Hearing Problems by Serious Game2017
Alaa Eddin Al-ChalabiM.S.A Wearable EEG-Based Serious Game for Focus Improvement and Diagnosing ADHD/ADD2017Ph.D. with me
Ayşe Rümeysa MohammedM.S.A Serious Game with Data Analysis to Diagnose and Treat Children with Visual Sequential Memory Deficit2017Ph.D. with me
Ashkan SobhaniPh.D.Towards QoE-Aware Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP2017
Mahdi HemmatiPh.D.New Bandwidth Allocation Methods to Provide Quality-of-Experience Fairness for Video Streaming Services2017
Alejandra Ornelas BarajasM.C.SA Serious Game for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder2017
Parisa PouladzadehPh.D.A Cloud-Assisted Mobile Food Recognition System2017
Iraj KoohiPh.D.Methods for Non-invasive Trustworthy Estimation of Arterial Blood Pressure2017
Shailendra SinghM.A.Sc.Smart Meters Big Data : Behavioral Analytics via Incremental Data Mining and Visualization2016
Abdulsalam YassinepostdocCloud-based Multimedia Systems2016
Hamed Ahmadi *Ph.D.A Content-aware Bitrate Controller for Cloud Gaming2016
Rasha AtwahM.Sc.Dynamic Alpha Congestion Controller for WebRTC2016Lecturer, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia
Pallavi KuhadM.A.Sc.A Deep Learning and Auto-Calibration Approach for Food Recognition and Calorie Estimation in Mobile e-Health2015
Sri Vijay Bharat PeddiM.A.Sc.Cloud Computing Frameworks for Food Recognition from Images2015
Tianyu SuM.A.Sc.An Architecture for 3D Multi-View Video Transmission Based on DASH2015
Abbas JavadtalabPh.D.An Efficient End To End Solution for Video Conferencing Over A Non-Dedicated Network2015
Mona OmidyeganehpostdocImage and Video Processing in Computer Vision2014
Mehdi SemsarzadehpostdocCloud Gaming Video Encoding2014
Hoda Roodaki *
Ph.D.An Adaptive Framework for Scalable Multiview Video Coding in H.264/AVC
Mohsen Jamali Langroodi *M.Sc.Decoder-Complexity-Aware Encoding of Motion Compensation for Multiple Heterogeneous Receivers2014
Xiaodong HuangpostdocPanorama Image and Video Processing2014
Mehdi Semsarzadeh *Ph.D.An H.264/AVC Receiver Aware Video Encoder for Adaptation Applications2013postdoc with me
Bahareh TajiM.B.E.Impacts of Skin Electrode Interface on ECG Signal Detected by Conductive Textile2013Ph.D. with me
Rana AlmaghrabiM.Sc.Measuring Food Volume and Nutritional Values from Food Images2013
Mohammad Hosseini *M.Sc.Energy-Budget-Compliant Adaptive 3D Texture Streaming in Mobile Games2013
Mehdi FallahpourpostdocH.264 Video Watermarking2013
Parisa PouladzadehM.A.Sc.An Image Processing and Pattern Analysis Approach for Food Recognition2013Ph.D. with me
Aziz KhanchipostdocVideo Streaming Congestion Detection2012
Kiana Calagari *M.Sc.Improving Interactive H.264 Video Transmission over Data Networks2012Ph.D. with me
Shabnam AbtahiM.A.Sc.Driver Drowsiness Monitoring Based On Yawning Detection2012
Niloufar Azmi *M.A.Sc.A Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Haptic Jacket-Based Warning System2012
Mohammad Kazemi *Ph.D.Multi-Layer High Quality Multiple Description Video Coding2012
Mona Omidyeganeh *Ph.D.Parametric Analysis and Modeling of Video Signals2012postdoc with me
Gregorio VillalobosM.C.S.Food Image Processing for a Semi-Automatic Nutrient Intake Monitoring System2012
Hesam RahimiM.A.Sc.Activity-Centric Prioritized Streaming of Games to Mobile Devices2012
Behnoosh HariripostdocImage and Video Processing for Activity/Object Recognition2011Google
Dewan Tanvir AhmedpostdocGaming Systems and Networking2011
Tamara Sirota *M.E.Projected Identity: Impact of Physical Appearance of Avatars on Collaborative Learning in Second Life2011
Ali Asghar Nazari ShirehjinipostdocGaming Systems and Ambient Intelligent Environments2011
Sahand Hamzei *M.Sc.A Dynamic Priority Based ALM Protocol for Multi-Source Video Conferencing2011
Reza Azad Disfany *M.Sc.A Study of the Effects of H.264 Encoding Parameters on Video Streaming Quality over Lossy Networks2011
Razib IqbalPh.D.An Architecture for Federated Video Processing and Online Streaming2010
Ruba KayyaliM.A.Sc.A Virtual Haptic Motor Rehabilitation System2010
Sharmeen ShahabuddinM.C.S.Compressed Domain Spatial Adaptation of H.264 Video2010
Abdulsalam YassinePh.D.AAPPeC: Agent-based Architecture for Privacy Payoff in eCommerce 2010postdoc with me
Saurabh RattiM.A.Sc.A Distributed Location-Aware Routing Architecture for P2P Massively Multiplayer Online Games2010Government of Canada
Behnoosh Hariri * Ph.D. Overlay Routing Architectures for Massively Multisuer Virtual Environments 2009postdoc with me
Negar Hariri * M.Sc. Exploiting Locality Properties of Nodes for Improving Search Efficiency in P2P Networks 2009
Stevan Zonjic M.C.S. Multidimensional Query Based Routing for Massively Multiuser Virtual Environments 2009
Dewan Tanvir Ahmed Ph.D. Architectural Challenges and Solutions for P2P Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming 2009postdoc with me
Nancy Ho Woo M.A.Sc. Personality-based Design and Implementation for the Personalization of E-commerce Applications 2008
Christopher Desmarais M.C.S. Pluto: A Protocol for Privacy Management In Electronic Communities 2008
Jimmy Bonney *M.Sc.Peer-to-Peer Routing Algorithms Comparison in Application Layer Multicast2007
Ihab Kazem M.A.Sc. Visibility-Based Zonal Communication in Massively Multi-User Online Games and Distributed Simulations 2007
Cristina Modia López M.C.S. E-Learning Technologies Supporting Corporate Training within SMEs 2006freelance contractor
Hani Jabbour M.A.Sc. A Real-time Audio Transcoder with Watermark Images for Content Protection and Quality of Service Monitoring 2006
Abdelfettah Diabi M.C.S. A Hybrid Application-Layer Multicasting Protocol for Distributed Simulations on the Internet 2006
Razib Iqbal M.C.S. An Architecture for MPEG-21 Based Live Adaptation of H.264 Video 2006Ph.D. with me
Yong Zhong * M.A.Sc. Proxy-Based Single Source Application Layer Multicast Media Streaming 2005