Industrial Inspection and Quality Control of Food Products

Mai Moussa Chetima
M.A.Sc. student

Martin Côté
M.A.Sc. student

Phillip Curtis
Ph.D. student

Danick Desjardins
M.A.Sc. student

Dr. Pierre Payeur
SITE, University of Ottawa


Dipix Technologies Inc.


Sons Bakery

Computer vision can play an important role for the control of quality of food products, especially about their aesthetics and dimensionality. Commercial technologies have been available for many years to perform this type of task and have contributed to more efficient and uniform production in large factories. Such system must operate at high speed and be easily integrated into existing manufacturing facilities, imposing strict requirements on sensors specification and image processing.

This research focuses on the design of a next generation of food inspection systems, especially dedicated to bakery products. Several aspects are considered including the overall design of such machines, the combination of sensors and the processing of information in real-time. The project is conducted in close collaboration with industry to address their actual needs.

Related Publications

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