Dexterous Robot Manipulation of Deformable Objects with Visual and Tactile Feedback

Félix Nadon
Ph.D. student, 2020-...
M.A.Sc. student, 2018-2019

Stephen Rowlands
M.A.Sc. student

Narmadha Sambandam
M.A.Sc. student

Angel J. Valencia
M.A.Sc. student

Fei Hui
M.A.Sc. student

Jonathan Guillotte-Blouin
UROP internship

Fouad Khalil
Ph.D. student

Nicolas Robin
Summer internship

Dr. Pierre Payeur
EECS, University of Ottawa


Dr. Ana-Maria Cretu
Université du Québec en Outaouais

Dr. Emil Petriu
EECS, University of Ottawa

Ontario Centres of Excellence

Neptec Design Group

Canadian Foundation for Innovation

Ontario Innovation Trust

Modern robotic systems used in industrial, security and space applications require a new generation of autonomous robot manipulators able to perform intelligently on sophisticated manipulation tasks in environments which may be unknown, variable or unstructured. Much research efforts have been devoted to the development of robots that can sense and react to their environment and to the type of object to be handled. Human experience with objects manipulation provides evidence of the powerful capabilities that can be made available by the combination of vision and touch. However, autonomous manipulators still need to be developed to produce similar coordination between these sensory systems to work efficiently in unknown environments and to adapt to unpredicted modifications.

Until now, the vast majority of objects to be manipulated by robots have been assumed to be rigid. The problem of grasping and manipulating 3D deformable objects with a robotic arm and end effector has received much less attention. But in reality, numerous objects are of the latter type, that is, compliant and with alterable shapes. Handling such objects represents a challenging area of research because of the complexity of the interactions that happen between the robot and the object surface which undergoes deformations in response to forces applied by the manipulator.

Applications for the manipulation of non-rigid objects range from advanced manufacturing, food processing, agriculture and even medicine. Simultaneously ensuring the stability of a grasp and the integrity of an object, while undergoing robotic manipulation, represents a major challenge, that must capitalize on multiple sensory inputs, optimize contact points distribution and forces application, all within the constraints imposed by the mechanical assembly of a robotic hand and while operating in a given, often challenging, environment. This research investigates fundamental engineering and computer science solutions to achieve safe, efficient and precise robotic manipulation strategies, encompassing data acquisition, modeling, material characterization, deformation prediction, manipulation optimization, and robotic devices control.

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