University of Ottawa, May 30-June 1, 2003

Local Information

All prices quoted here are in Canadian Dollars. $1 CAN = $0.72 US = €0.61 Euro = £0.44 GBP approximately (May 2003).

Area Map (click to enlarge)

Conference Location

Friday: Lamoureux Building, Room 121 (marked number 16 on the campus map).

Saturday + Sunday: Math Department, Room B5 (basement), marked number 10 on the campus map.

New: Food and Dining

Phil Scott's Ottawa Restaurant Guide has been taken offline.

Campus Map
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Internet Access

10 PC's have been set aside for FMCS participants. The PC's are located in room 142 of the Montpetit building which is located at 125 University Street (number 9 on the maps). Participants should go to the Help Desk (located at the same place), present their conference badge or name tag and they will be allowed access to the lab. A guest account will be provided.

Location: 142 Montpetit Hall
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun 1pm-5pm

Transit Map
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Directions to the campus:

From the airport, by taxi. The ride costs about $25.

From the airport, by bus. From the airport, take bus 97 to the "Laurier" bus stop. From there it is a short walk to campus (see the area map above).

The bus ride takes about 20 minutes. Buses run every 15 minutes during daytime. The fare is $2.50, and you should have exact change. You can find the #97 bus schedules here (careful if arriving on the weekend: click on "Saturday" or "Sunday" for weekend schedules). For your orientation, you can also consult the transitway map on the right.

From the train station, by bus. The instructions are the same as "from the airport", except that you take bus 95 from the train station to the "Laurier" bus stop (number 12 on the above area and campus maps). The ride takes only about 10 minutes. You can find the #95 bus schedules here.

By car. From highway 417 (Queensway), take exit 118 marked "Nicholas St". This will put you on the above area map. Parking in Ottawa can be difficult, so if your hotel does not offer parking, you might want to consider using a parking garage. The dormitories offer parking to guests at an additional charge.

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