Sensing and Modeling Research Laboratory
        ( founded 1987 )

University of Ottawa
School of Information Technology and Engineering
800 King Edward  - Rooms 3010 and 3035
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA  K1N 6N5

Tel: +1-613-562-5800  ext. 2197 (room 3010), or ext. 2202 (room 3035),

  Dr. Gilles G. Patry
  Dr . Andy Adler
  Dr. Sunil R. Das
  Dr. Abdul H. Al-Dhaher
  Dr. Voicu Groza
  Dr. Emil M. Petriu
  Dr. Thom E. Whalen (Research Scientist, CRC)
SMRLab Director :
Dr. Emil M. Petriu
Tel: +1-613-562-5800 ext. 2132

Our  Profile

   * Research Interests:

Current  Projects
Past  Projects
Supported by  grants and contracts from the Canadian Space Agency , NSERC , CRC , TRIO/CITO , MRCO/MMO , NORTEL , MITEL   and STENTOR,  the SMRLab conducted  research on  tactile sensors, haptic perception, human-computer interfaces for telepresence, Neural Network (NN) hardware architectures,  structured light,  absolute position  recovery  using pseudorandom encoding, agent-based control of multi-robot systems,  fuzzy control of mobile robots, vision & haptic telepresence control of mobile robots, multi-sensor fusion, NN  modelling of  3D electromagnetic fields, virtual prototyping environments and 3D avatars.
     * Engineering Contributions - Used by Other Researchers
Prof. Petriu’s contributions are frequently quoted as references in many international journal papers.  Some of these contributions are also quoted in books and patents as follows:
* Contributions in pseudorandom encoding and its applications to position recovery are quoted in specialty books as follows:
      -  R. Pallas-Areny and J.G. Webster, Sensors and Signal Conditioning, (Ch. 8.1), John Wiley & Sons,Inc., New York, 1991.
      - H.R. Everett, Sensors for Mobile Robots: Theory and Application, (Ch. 11.2), A.K. Peters, Ltd, Wellesley, MA, 1995
      - J. G. Webster (Editor-in-Chief), The Measurement, Instrumentation and Sensors Handbook, (Ch. 6.8),
        CRC Press and IEEE Press, 1999.
  They are also quoted in patents as:
      - P. Geisler, Distance or position detecting device, US Patent 5,287,630, assigned toHottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH,
        Germany, February1994.
      - J. Burns and S.A. Loyd, Position-sensing apparatus, US Patent 5,442,147, assigned to Hewlett-Packard Co., USA,
         August 1995.
      - D. Avitzour, Mobile robot location determination employing error-correcting distributed landmarks, US Patent 5,525,883,
         assigned to Sara Avitzour, USA,  June1996.
      - J. Burns and S.A. Loyd, Initial track recovery in position-sensing systems that use windowing patterns, US Patent 5,675,129,
         assigned to Hewlett-Packard Co., USA, October1997.
* Contributions in asynchronous arbiter circuits are quoted in patents as:
     - A. Kanuma, Priority determination circuit, US Patent 4,546,450, assigned to Tokyo Shibaura Denki Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan,
        October 1985.
Research  Team
  Faculty   Graduate Students  Research Engineers
   Dr. Andy Adler   * Ph.D. Students *        Isabela M. Pasca
   Dr. Sunil R. Das    Rami Abielmona 
   Dr. Abdul H. Al-Dhaher    Mansour Assaf
   Dr. Voicu Groza      Marwa Fouad 
   Dr. Gilles G. Patry

   Dr. Emil M. Petriu  
   Dr. Thom E. Whalen (Research Scientist, CRC)    * Master's Students *

   Abderrahmane Assal

   Qing Chen

   Xinhao Chen

     Marc Dostaler

     Emanuil Huluta 

     Kang Young Ko

   B abak Noory

     Pascal Lyonnais

   Louis McNamee

     Yi   Pan 

     Codrin Pasca

     Renuka Selvarajah

     Shumin Shen


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