Tuncer I. Ören's Active Involvement in Conferences/Seminars - in the 1970s

1979 December 3-5, San Diego, California, USA
Winter Simulation Conference
Participated in the Board Meeting of the WSC as the Program Chairman of WSC 80

1979 September 24-28, Sorrento, Italy
Congress of the International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Chairman of a plenary session
Chairman of a session on Bio-systems

1979 September 20-21, Sorrento, Italy
Sorrento Workshop for the International Standardization of Simulation Languagues
Organizer and Program Chairman

1979 June 28, Quebec City, P.Q., Canada
Participated in the 2nd Annual Canadian Computer Science Departments Chairmen Meeting,
where he is elected the chairman of the committee to prepare a National Document on
Computer Science Education in Canada

1979 June 5, New York, New York, USA
the 1979 National Computer Conference
Organizer and Session Leader of the Panel on:
"Simulation Languages: State-of-the-Art and New Vistas"

1979 March 14-16, Tampa, Florida USA
The 12th Annual Simulation Symposium
Invited Luncheon Speech: The Many Facets of Simulation


1978 August 13-18, Rehovot, Israel
Symposium on Modelling and Simulation Methodology
Co-organizer of the Symposium and Keynote Speaker
Member of the panel on "Methodology of the Future"

1978 May 25, Delft, The Netherlands
Invited Lecture: Dutch Simulation Association: Concepts for Advanced Simulation Methodologies

1978 May 19, Delft, The Netherlands
Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Delft,
Invited Lecture: The Future of Simulation Languages

1978 May 8, Bonn, West Germany
IPES (Institute for Planning and Decision Systems) of the Gesellschaft für Mathematic und Datenverarbeitung Gmbh
Invited Lecture: Concepts for Advanced Simulation Languages

1978 April 4-6, Chester, England
UKSC (United Kingdom Simulation Council) Conference on Computer Simulation
Keynote paper: A Personal View on the Future of Simulation Languages

1978 February 21, Paris, France
ENSTA (Ecole Normale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées)
Invited Lecture for Association SYSTEMA: Concepts for Advanced Simulation Methodologies


1977 August 30 - September 2, Ghent, Belgium
The IFIP Working Conference on Modelling and Sim. of Land, Air and Water Resources Systems
Chairman of the "Groundwater Resources Modelling" Session 
Presentation : Modelling, Model Manipulation and Programming Concepts in Simulation

1977 June 20, Rehovot, Israel
Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute of Science
Invited Lecture: Software for Large-Scale System Simulation


1976 September 6-11, Namur, Belgium
8th International Congress on Cybernetics of the International Association for Cybernetics
Organizer and Program Chairman of the Symposium on the Application of
Cybernetics and General System Theoretic Concepts to the Simulation of Large Scale Systems
Moderator of the panel session of the symposium
Presentation at the closing session of the Congress

1976 June 28 - July 2, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
COLING 76 - Int'l Conference on Computational Linguistics
Member of the local organization committee
Organized and coordinated computerized demonstrations
Chairman of a session

1976 February 24-25, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Symposium on Information Technology and Urban Governance
Sponsored by the Ministry of State, Urban affairs of Canada
Invited Panel Member at the closing plenary session


1975 December 18-19, Sacramento, California, USA
Winter Computer Simulation Conference
Chairman of the session: "Transportation Vehicles Simulation."
Member of the panel on "Teaching Simulation"

1975 November 3, and November 6, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Management Science Faculty of the University of Ottawa
Invited lecture: Methodology to Manage Complexity

1975 October 24-15, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ontario Annual Management Research Forum, Univ. of  Toronto
Session: "Limits to Growth and After,"
Invited Lecture and
Panel Member
: Methodology to Manage Complexity


1974 March 4-15, Munich, Germany
Attended the Advanced Courses on Compiler Construction, as "A Participant from whom important contributions to the Discussions are expected".

1974 February 12-14, Detroit, Michigan, USA
Second Annual Computer Science Conference
Chairman of the Software Processors II Session
Presentation: SODPAC, Software Documentation Package


1972 October 21, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Open House Activities of the Faculty of Science & Engineering, University of Ottawa,
Invited Presentation: Computer Simulation, It's all you really need

1972 August 28 - September 1, Oxford, England                                                              International Congress of Cybernetics and Systems at the University of Oxford                 Presentation: Simulation of Time-Varying Systems


1971 November 15, Sherbrooke, Quebec
Department of Mathematics of the University of Sherbrooke
Invited Presentation: GEST - Un langage Destiné à la Simulation des Systèmes Complexes

1971 September 3-7, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo AICA Symposium on Simulation of Complex Systems
Chairman of the session on Computer Systems
Invited Discussant of the special panel session on large scale social systems
Member of a panel session on Simulation Education

1971 May, San Jose dos Campos, Brazil
National Space Activities Commission of Brazil (Comissao Nacional de Actividades Espaciais).
Invited Seminars :
- A Basis for the Taxonomy of Simulation Languages
- The Modelling Methodology of GEST (a Special Language for Large Scale System Simulation)
- The Basic Features of Simulation Languages

1971 April 7, Ottawa, Ontario
University of Ottawa
Presentation to Software Engineering Working Group:
- A Basis for the Taxonomy of Simulation Languages

1971 February 16, Ottawa, Ontario
University of Ottawa, Dept. of Computer Science
Colloquium: Systems Approach to Large-System Simulation

1971 January 8, Ottawa, Ontario
University of Ottawa, Dept. of Computer Science
Seminar: GEST - General System Theory Implementor


1970 October 29, Tucson, Arizona
Univ. of Arizona, Dept. of Systems & Industrial Engineering
Colloquium: GEST - A General System Theory Implementor

1970 April 16, Hartford, Connecticut
Rensselaer Polytechnique Inst., Hartford Graduate Centre
Invited Lecture: A Synopsis of Simulation Languages

1970 April 13, Carbondale, Illinois
University of Illinois
Invited Lecture: A Synopsis of Simulation Languages

1970 March 6, College Station, Texas
Texas A & M University, Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Invited Lecture: Simulation of General Systems

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