Tuncer I. Íren's Active Involvement in Conferences/Seminars

(in the 1960s and 1950s)


1967 May 2-5, Ankara, Turkey
EDP and Statistics Seminar Sponsored by IBM Turkey,
Coordinator and the main speaker 


1966 November 21-23, Istanbul, Turkey
Management Science Seminar sponsored by the Turkish Management Association
Coordinator and main speaker on:
- Introduction to Management Science
- Waiting Line Theory
- Linear Programming
- Simulation 

1966 January 11-12, Istanbul, Turkey
IBM Textile Seminar, Participated as the textile industry coordinator of IBM Turkey
- Introduction to Data Processing
- Introduction to Linear Programming
- Computer Applications for Textile Industry 


1965 June 8-11, Barbizon, France
IBM Textile Workshop, (Participated as the textile industry coordinator of IBM Turkey)
Presentation: Development of Computer Applications for Turkish Textile Industry 

1965 April 1-3, Barcelona, Spain
Second Systems Engineering Symposium, IBM World Trade
Honor Guest (The selection was made in recognition of superior performance in the System Engineering field) 


1964 February 10 - March 24, Tokyo, Japan
Supervisory Training Seminar, Overseas Technical Cooperation Agency (OTCA)
Presentation: Technical Education & Training in Turkey
Invited Address at the Closing Ceremony 


1959 August 6 - September 24, Naples, Italy
Second Mediterranean Seminar
Theme: The Role of the Universities in the Development of the Leaders of Tomorrow
Invited presentation: University Education in Turkey 

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