OC-MISS: Ottawa Center of

MISS (The McLeod Institute of Simulation Sciences) of

SCS (The Society for Modeling and Simulation International)

(Member Organization of M&SNet of SCS)


As of December 6, 2006, Dr. Gabriel Wainer is elected as the New Director of OC-MISS.

ˇ      OC-MISS is a Center of MISS and functions according to the Policy and Procedures of MISS as ratified by the SCS Executive Committee on July 21, 2003.

ˇ       OC-MISS is a member organization of M&SNet.

ˇ      As a member organization of M&SNet and as a Center of MISS, OC-MISS endorses the Code of Professional Ethics for Simulationists which is adopted by the SCS on July 24, 2003. 

ˇ      For a rationale for the Code of Professional Ethics for Simulationists, please click here

ˇ      For further information about Ethics for simulationists, please click here

            Executive and Members (after the election of 2006 December 6)

            Executive and Members (before the election of 2006 December 6)

          Annual Reports: 2001-2002;   2002-2003;   2003-2004

          Activities (Please see also the Web pages of the members.)

          Seminars - 2005:
  • April 22: A Conceptual Modelling Framework for Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, by: Louis G. Birta and Gilbert Arbez, University of Ottawa Announcement, Presentation
  •           Simulation Education in Ottawa Universities


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