Modeling and Simulation Dictionary Project

of the M&SNet of SCS



updated: 2012-09-28   -  by Prof. Tuncer Ören


(over 100 scientists from nine countries
(Canada, China, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Turkey, and the USA)

are involved in the Dictionary Project)


Members of    

the Chinese Team

  (33 members)
the French Team   (22 members)
the Italian Team   (27 members)
the Spanish Team   (18 members)
the Turkish Team   (14 members)



Executive Board of the M&S Dictionary Project: (In order of joining the Group)

    Tuncer Ören (Founder and Past Chair) (M&SNet), Ottawa, ON, Canada

    Norbert Giambiasi (LSIS), Marseilles, France

    Lucile Torres (LSIS), Marseilles, France

    Antoni Guasch (MSDS), Barcelona, Spain

    Agostino Bruzzone (MISS Genoa Center), Genoa, Italy

    Emilio Jiménez Macías (UR), Logrońo, Spain

    Marina Massei (Liophant), Genoa, Italy

    Gregory Zacharewicz (IMS-LAPS), Bordeaux, France

    El-Amine Maâmar Hamri (LSIS), Marseilles, France

    Bo Hu Li (BUAA), Beijing, China

    GuangHong Gong, Beijing, China



Guiding Principles in the Preparation of the Dictionary:

  • Presentation of the Dictionary Project:

          2005 May 10, Toulouse, France - presentation: Dictionary of Modeling and Simulation:

          The Aims, the Approach, the Status, and the Future of the Work

  • Additional Guiding Principles for the Spanish Terms
        Guidelines and status of the work on Spanish Terms:
        as of 2006-11-27


    First Version of the Dictionary(Over 4000 terms)
    Modeling and Simulation Dictionary - English-French-Turkish (published - 2006 May)

    Ören, T.I. and
    The French Team: Lucile Torres (coordinator), Frédéric Amblard, Jean-Pierre Belaud, Jean Caussanel,  Olivier Dalle, Raphaël Duboz, Alain Ferrarini, Claudia Frydman, El-Amine Maâmar Hamri, David Hill, Aziz Naamane, Pierre Siron, Erwan Tranvouez, Gregory Zacharewicz (a group of scientists from LSIS and Versim) (2006). Modeling and Simulation Dictionary: English-French-Turkish. Marseille, France. With the support of Centre Nationale de La Recherche Scientifique, I3, Université Paul Cézanne - Aix-Marseille III, and LSIS (286 pp). ISBN: 2-9524747-0-2.

    Members of the French Team (14 members) and the French Research Laboratories/Groups involved

    Cover, Prefaces (English, French, Turkish)

    Sample pages (please note that some Turkish letters which are not reproduced   correctly on the pdf files are correct in the printed version)

        • Sample pages & number of pages: English (135 pp), French (76 pp), Turkish (75 pp)

        • Sample list of terms related with values and variables



    Second Version of the Dictionary: (Over 10000 terms)
    Modeling and Simulation Dictionary English-French-German-Italian-Spanish-Turkish


    Work on the French Terms

       - Work will soon start to review the existing French terms and to recommend French

          equivalents of over 4000 terms added after the first version of the dictionary.

       - Members of the French Team (22 members)

         and the French and Francophone Research Laboratories/Groups involved


    Work on the Italian Terms

       - Members of the Italian Team (25 members)

         and the Italian Research Laboratories/Groups involved


    Work on the Spanish Terms (ongoing)

       - Members of the Spanish Team (18 members)

         and the Spanish Research Laboratories/Groups involved

       - Guidelines and status of the work: as of 2006-11-27, as of 2007-02-13

       - Ortografia de Lengua Espańola

         (ă Real Academia Espańola, 1999  ISBN 84-239-9250-0)


    Work on the Turkish Terms

       - Members of the Turkish Team (15 members) (invitation-first) (invitation-last)

         (Türkçe terimlerin hazırlanması için kurallar)

       - Work will soon start to review the existing over 6000+ Turkish terms

          and to recommend Turkish equivalents of over 2380 terms.


    Modeling and Simulation Dictionary: (Over 9000 terms)

    English-Chinese, Chinese-English


    Members of the Chinese Team (33 members)

       The cooperation started on 2005.

       The dictionary is printed in Beijing, P.R. of China (2012 August)





    - A systematic inventory of over 8000 M&S terms and concepts

       (ă and maintained by Dr. Tuncer Ören)

    - Terminological Observations within the M&S Body of Knowledge Project

    - Sample of an Ontology-based M&S Dictionary

    - Other M&S Dictionaries and Lists of Abbreviations/Acronyms

    - Publications and Presentations of Dr. Tuncer Ören on Terminology