The McLeod Modeling and Simulation Network –M&SNet– of

the Society for Modeling and Simulation International ( SCS)


Annual Meeting, July 25, 2004

Governor’s House D, San Jose Hyatt Hotel

San Jose, CA, USA

            Call for Participation



Gabriel Wainer OC-MISS  
Levent Yilmaz AMSL A research agenda for the modeling and simulation of conflict systems
Agostino Bruzzone MISS-Genoa Center Genoa Center - Report 2004
Anthony Hunt BioSystems Group Biomimetic in silico devices
Sunwoo Park & Anthony Hunt BioSystems Group BioDEVS: System-oriented, multi-agent, distributed/parallel framework for modeling and simulation in biomimetic in silico devices (4MB)
Bowen Loftin MISS (VMASC) VMASC (4MB)
Miquel Angel Piera MSDS  


            Suggestions / Recommendations



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