M&SNet Workshop – Power of Synergy

July 25, 2004, San Jose, CA

(Just before the SCSC 2004)


Call for Participation
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The McLeod Modeling and Simulation Network ( M&SNet) is a consortium of co-operating independent organizations active in professionalism, research, education, and knowledge dissemination in the modeling and simulation (M&S) domain. It was established in 2003 by the Society for Modeling and Simulation International ( SCS). The M&SNet aims to provide an organizational structure that will serve to integrate and enrich, within its organizations, modeling and simulation activities throughout the world. The M&SNet provides a framework within which organizations interested in M&S can interact, share expertise, and work on problems of common interest. 


The mission of the M&SNet is to foster:


Since the successful “ First M&SNet Meeting,” held in Tucson, AZ, December 5, 2003, (presentations) the M&SNet has attracted many powerful member organizations. Currently, it consists of 10 member organizations and the number is growing. The member organizations, in order of joining the M&SNet are: MISS, ACIMS, MISS: Genoa Center, MISS: Ottawa Center, AMSL, MISS: LSIS Center, SMS, IST, SENDLAB, and BioSystems Group).


The aims of this M&SNet Workshop include Exploring the Power of Synergy that the M&SNet membership provides under the SCS umbrella:



Four types of participations are foreseen:


  1. Presentations by representatives of M&SNet member organizations to highlight the types of cooperation possibilities.
  2. Presentations by members of M&SNet member organizations to highlight the possible research topics they would like to initiate and/or join forces with other M&SNet member organizations.

In addition, presentations will be invited from:


  1. Representatives of organizations who may want to consider joining the M&SNet.
  2. Representatives of organizations who would like to observe the potential of M&SNet and/or announce challenging Modeling and Simulation project funding possibilities.



Please confirm your participation, as well as the title and an abstract of your presentation as soon possible (but not later than June 15, 2004) to oren.tuncer@site.uttawa.ca . Please send to the same address, by end of June 2004, Power Point presentations (if possible zipped) that will be made available in the Web site of the M&SNet after the Workshop.


We look for your contribution to an exciting Workshop.






Dr. Tuncer Ören

Founding Director, M&SNet

AVP for Ethics, SCS

Director: OC-MISS


Dr. Bernard P. Zeigler

President, SCS

Director, ACIMS

Editor-in-Chief, JDMS


Prof. Dr. Agostino Bruzzone

Director, MISS

Director: Genoa Center of MISS

President, Liophant Sim. Club






Conference Hotel Hyatt San Jose, CA.


There will be no charge to participate in this Workshop.  However, individuals who did not confirm their participation –by the latest June 15, 2004– will not be included in the list of attendees and will not have priority in participating.


The Schedule of presentations and list of participants will be made available at the Web site of the M&SNet by July 10, 2004.