Cooperation possibilities 2005:

2005-1 (Posted on 2005-06-02)

The LSIS (Laboratory of Sciences of Information and System, Marseille France) announces their willingness to share their software package LSIS DME 0.1.0 with the members of the member organizations of the M&SNet.


LSIS DME 0.1.0 (May 2005) is a DEVS-GDEVS M&S environment software.

Key features of this software are:


         User interface development including intuitive graphical builder of atomic models,

         Model libraries to store and reuse models as modular components,

         Visualization of hierarchical structures, ports and couplings,

         Ability to control simulation speed (e.g., step-by-step execution),

         Faster execution thanks to the flatten hierarchical simulation structure,

         Conditions and actions on states variables can be defined on states or transitions,

         Clear visualization of the simulation results.


If interested, please contact G. Zacharewicz ( to receive

first the agreement to use it (for academic purpose use only, no professional license); afterward the software package will be forwarded to you.


The package includes:

LSIS DME 0.1.0,

LSIS DME 0.1.0 user guide (in french),

LSIS DME 0.1.0 Atomic model sample, Coupled model sample.



last update: 2005-06-02