Nathalie Japkowicz' Students

Research Students

Last batch of Research Students Supervised while still at the University of Ottawa

From left to right:
Back: Shiven (Ph.D.), Ameya (M.Sc.), Yue (M.Sc.), Colin (Ph.D.)
Front: Adrian (Ph.D.), Saeed (Ph.D., expected), Vincent (M.Sc.)

Supervised Students while on Adjunct Status

Previously Supervised Students

Previously Supervised Undergraduate Students

Other Research Student/Assistant/Collaborations:

Graduate Students whose Committees I served on:

Older Lab Photos

From left to right: Houman (Ph.D., 2014), Colin (Ph.D, expected), Farid (Ph.D. expected), Benjamin (Ph.D., expected), Hang (M.Sc., 2013), Xuan Liu (M.Sc., 2014), Nathalie, Mohamed (M.Sc., expected)

From left to right: Benjamin (Ph.D., expected), Guichong (Ph.D, 2010), Houman (Ph.D. expected), Nathalie, Farid (Ph.D., expected), Colin (Ph.D. expected), Shiven (Ph.D. expected)

From left to right: Guichong (Ph.D, 2010), Lisa (M.Sc., 2010), Nathalie, William (Ph.D., 2010)

From left to right: Hui (M.Sc., 2004), Olivier (M.Sc.,2006), Reuben (M.Sc., 2006), Taeho (Ph.D., 2006), Marcel (M.Sc., 2008), Wenhui (M.Sc., 2008)

Top (left to right): Taeho (Ph.D., 2006), Hui (M.Sc., 2004), Quintin (M.Sc., 2005), Benoit (M.Sc., 2006), Benjamin (M.Sc., 2006)
Bottom (left to right): Wenhui (M.Sc., 2008), Nathalie, Christina (M.Sc., 2006)