Teaching Schedule of Dr. Melike Erol Kantarci


Office hours for Winter 2019 (@ SITE 5029)

Tuesday 12:30 - 14:00

Rest by appointment. Please send an email if you are planning to set up a meeting.


Fall 2019 CSI5140 AI-enabled Wireless Networks

Tuesday 17:30 20:30 (SMD 222)

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Past Semesters at uOttawa

         Winter 2019 - CEG 4186 Wireless Mobile Networks

Principles of wireless mobile networks. Cellular wireless networks. Multiple access protocols. Channel allocation algorithms. Data communications in wireless networks. Mobility and location management algorithms. Transport layer in wireless networks. Security; data management. Wireless Internet access protocols. Ad hoc and sensor networks, routing algorithms and protocols.

         Winter 2019 - CEG 3185 Introduction to Data Communications and Networking

Overview of computer networking, communication and transmission systems. Physical layer: introduction to Fourier analysis and signal impairments; basics of information theory, channel capacity, analog and digital data transmission, signal encoding. Data link layer protocols and multiplexing. Medium Access Control, framing, error control, flow/congestion control and their algorithms. Network layer: circuit vs. packet switching, asynchronous transfer mode, routing algorithms. Internet architectures and protocols. LAN architectures. Introduction to Wireless LANs.

         Fall 2018 - CSI 5140 ComNet-IPS (Communications and Networking for Intelligent Physical Systems)

         Winter 2018 - CSI 5140 ComNet-IPS (Communications and Networking for Intelligent Physical Systems)

         Winter 2018 - CEG 4186 Wireless Mobile Networks

         Summer 2017 - CEG 3185 Introduction to Data Communications and Networking

         Winter 2017 - CEG 4186 Wireless Mobile Networks

         Fall 2016 - ELG 5374 Computer Communication Network


Courses Taught at Clarkson University (2014-2016)

         Spring 2015-2016 - Database Systems (EE 468)

An introduction to database systems. The entity-relationship and relational models are presented and applied to the design of typical databases. Emphasis will be placed on database design for applications in the context of an existing database management system.

         Fall 2014-2015 - Wireless Sensor Networks (EE 511)

An advanced graduate course on Wireless Sensor Networks. Topics cover PHY, Medium access, network and transport in WSNs as well as recent topics on smart grid communications, energy harvesting sensors, RF energy transfer. Projects are implemented on a network simulator and testbed.

Teaching Prior to Clarkson University (2001-2014)

         Data Structures and Algorithms

         Computer Networks

         Computer Hardware Fundamentals

         Object Oriented Programming

         Analysis of Algorithms

         Logic Circuits





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